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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Walpole, NH is a wonderful town that is highly-attractive in the real estate market. Buyers in such a market benefit from working with an agent who is knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable. Maurice Andre brings those qualities to all aspects of his work. He provides buyers with timely advice on the challenges and potentials of various properties, navigates them through the process of competitive bidding, and counsels them through the stresses of price negotiations in a timely albeit non-pressuring manner. His oversight of the logistics and the reams of paperwork involved in real estate transactions is quick and seamless. Having worked with Mo for a couple of years and having viewed countless properties with him, we recommend him whole-heartedly and unequivocally. His expertise, diligence and patience is beyond measure. He is a living testament to the kindness and graciousness of Walpole as a community and to the Galloway Real Estate team as a whole. If real estate buyers are looking for an agent in the Walpole, NH market who will go the "extra mile" with (and for!) them, Maurice Andre is beyond the best. Thank you Mo! Thank you Galloway for providing such exceptional service through such an exceptional team. Jeff and Beth.

Thank you so much for your patience working with our son, Collin. Purchasing his first home was nerve wracking but you, Robin, were right there to guide him.  Thanks again! Stephanie and Ray Crosby

Dear Cindy,


Debbie and I walk around each day pinching ourselves to see if we will awake from the good fortune you, Walpole, and Fred Dill bestowed upon us. I hope the below puts our deeply held, emotion tinged gratitude in simple, clear language for visitors to your website.


There is no real estate brokerage, and no town, as welcoming as Galloway's and Walpole. We spent over a year searching across southern New Hampshire for our new home. Along the way we met and negotiated with quite a number real estate agents and brokers. And then we walked into Galloway's. There we met Cindy Westover, and later Maurice André. Pressure? There was none. Cindy clearly was focused on understanding our unique needs. Her patience, instant responsiveness, problem-solving and follow through moved all negotiations along to a quick and efficient closing. Galloway's has all the tools and connections to fulfill anyone's requirements; we are certain of it.


Very best regards,


Mark Timon

This week, Bill and I will celebrate the four year anniversary of joining the Walpole community in our home on Wentworth Road, and we have been reflecting on that time in 2012 with smiles and warm memories.

What we remember vividly was your key role during that time, and want to thank you for your attentiveness and professionalism throughout the entire process: from the moment we came upon the house, to multiple “walk-throughs” (without high pressure realtor sales talk, but with important information about home features for our consideration), followed by your expert guidance as we prepared our offer to the owners.  We were thrilled (and a bit nervous, frankly) when the offer was accepted, but you calmly and skillfully navigated us through the steps to come.  Voila!  We had made the big leap, successfully purchased our new home and were moving to NH!  The past four years have been a joy, and you are a big reason for our wonderful new lives here in Walpole.


Galloway Real Estate is fortunate to have you on the team and we have recommended Galloway to those we know who may need the services of a realtor.   We wish you the best as you continue your excellent service to Walpole and the surrounding communities.



Susan Wyckoff and Bill Ng

Just a quick THANK YOU to Mrs Robin Sanctuary. My closing was delayed numerous times and the sale itself was a year long fight. Robin kept me informed and advised me. The bank actually tried to delay the sale again and Robin fought them for me. THANK YOU ROBIN for going the extra mile. Your friend Mark.

At this point, i think it appropriate i say a few words on our work with David Quimby.  
I found him to be so thoughtful, accessible, diligent, and hard-working.   He was always passionately attentive to our interests and generally shows an enthusiasm much more youthful than his years.   He is fun to work with, David always gives you a good answer to your questions.   He provokes thoughtful questions and was supportive while we learned.
Where David truly excels is in working with the dilettante.   He is not judgmental and takes anything that comes at him with patience and optimism.   His answers make sense to the layperson without the typical obfuscation that others in the profession can project (e.g., my brief experience with the other real estate firm).      
My only regret in all of this is i didn't gain his family as our neighbors.   We looked at that Wentworth Rd. house and it just didn't click for us.   But it would have been cool to be nearby the Quimby family.
I am certain my thoughts on David are consistent with yours and that of his colleagues.   I just needed to share them.
with the kindest regards,  Chuck Wise
My fiancée and I had the opportunity to work with Robin Sanctuary during our first home buying experience and couldn’t be happier! As first time home buyers, we didn’t have a clue how to navigate the market and Robin was able to help us do just that.  The perfect home was found for us, which was right in Walpole and contained all the specifications regarding a large yard and the presence of out-buildings, just as we requested.  Even when negotiation became frustrating, Robin was able to quickly and effectively hash out the details in a means that was acceptable and affordable for us.
Now we’re able to enjoy our enormous yard, take in views from the Connecticut River Valley, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the nature around the property.  I’m sure our views of our rustic barn and multiple fruit trees will never get old; our families and friends love to visit this beautiful home, which would not have been attainable without Robin’s expertise and help through our home-buying experience!

" We are so happy with our realtor Katie Beam.  Her fresh and friendly approach and caring attitude made us feel comfortable and at ease.  She is a caring person who connected with us and our  buyer's needs and the needs of the seller, first and foremost, while offering resources and ideas along the way.   Katie is a highly capable and enthusiastic business woman who knows the area and honors the beauty that it offers ."  GW

I had the opportunity to work with Galloway while searching for a new home.  Searching online I noticed the quality of their photos.  Felt they were realistic attractively presenting the home's wonderful features.      Being represented by an agent, Galloway was quick to respond to her for showings.  Maurice was patient and very gracious walking the property lines twice at one visit!  I felt he was professional representing the sellers and equally able to answer questions about the community and the property.  Best of all he was responsive to my time needs.  He worked with my agent so that I could be in the house in 3 weeks.  Great experience!!  CC

We appreciated Maurice’s attention to details of listing our property:  photos and a written description that captured the best of what our property had to offer; determination of price, attractive to the prospective buyer while yielding a fair return to us.  Equally impressive, Maurice listens and kindly offered information to the buyer which met their needs and resulted in finessing a subsequent contract.  In this way, Maurice and Cindy matched seller and buyer.  What a lovely way to simultaneously say good-bye to an old neighbor and welcome someone new to town.  Of course, we are glad to have sold our house, but we truly enjoyed the process of closing!  We are sincerely grateful for the way Maurice, Cindy, and Team Galloway approach business and efforts to maintain integrity of community. 

Jane Worley & Jay Reichman   

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