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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Dear Cindy,


Debbie and I walk around each day pinching ourselves to see if we will awake from the good fortune you, Walpole, and Fred Dill bestowed upon us. I hope the below puts our deeply held, emotion tinged gratitude in simple, clear language for visitors to your website.


There is no real estate brokerage, and no town, as welcoming as Galloway's and Walpole. We spent over a year searching across southern New Hampshire for our new home. Along the way we met and negotiated with quite a number real estate agents and brokers. And then we walked into Galloway's. There we met Cindy Westover, and later Maurice André. Pressure? There was none. Cindy clearly was focused on understanding our unique needs. Her patience, instant responsiveness, problem-solving and follow through moved all negotiations along to a quick and efficient closing. Galloway's has all the tools and connections to fulfill anyone's requirements; we are certain of it.


Very best regards,


Mark Timon

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